Macaque, Onsen, Ryoken and Castles

Yudanaka snow monkeys Magical Explorer

Winter Holidays in Japan

snow monkeys magical explorer

Every wondered if Japan is a winter destination? Now is the time to find out. Magical Explorer, the leading tour operator to Japan, set up a unique itinerary to cover all Japan has to offer in the winter. The duration of the tour is just enough to squeeze into school holidays, a mere 12 days, and departures are every Monday between 1st December 2017 and 12th March 2018.

This exclusive special offer starts in the capital city of the “Land of the Rising Sun”, Tokyo. Here, spend 2 wonderful nights exploring ancient traditions entangled in harmony with modern life. Explore the wonderfully serene Meiji Shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken, climb to the second-tallest structure in Japan, Tokyo Tower, for splendid views, see the National Parliament Building, the Diet, and stroll through the Imperial Palace East Gardens.

Emperor Meiji Magical Explorer

After experiencing the renowned efficiency of the Japanese rail network arrive at Yudanka and continue to a Ryoken for the traditional experience of onsen while gazing at the snow-covered hills. And later visit the Monkey Park to enjoy watching wild Japanese macaques or snow monkeys, doing the same in a natural hot spring in the forests of the Jigokudani valley in Yamanouchi, not far from the onsen owns of Shibu and Yudanaka.

Continue to Matsumoto, home to another ryokan. The rest of the day is free, and we recommend a visit to the stunning Matsumoto castle, known as “crow castle”, before we continue to “little Kyoto”, Takayama, and Shirakawago, which many believe is the ‘hidden treasure’ of Japan, with uniquely crafted traditional wooden farmhouses. Seeing Shirakawago in the winter snow is truly breath-taking, when the snow covers the steep roofs and surrounding mountains.

Shirakawago Winter Special Offer to Japan

Travel onwards to the home of one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, Kanazawa, to visit the famous Kenroku-en gardens.

Nara, the ancient capital city of Japan, is also included on this truly magnificent itinerary. After a city tour we continue to Kyoto, another former capital, famous worldwide for its temples and shrines, its parks and gardens, and its quaint wooden houses.

Experience everything Japan has to offer during the winter from picturesque castles, glorious gardens, relaxing ryoken set in natural onsens, get close to the cheeky snow monkeys in their natural habitat and travel with ease and comfort with Japan’s renowned trains on this imaginative 12-day Winter Tour of Japan.

If 12 days is not enough to see everything you wanted to see in this beautiful country we can always extend your stay at the beginning or the end of your tour. For more information please email us at [email protected] Alternatively visit our Winter Special Offer to Japan. 

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