Eating in Japan



Is it all fish and Sushi in Japan? This is the most common question I am often asked as a Japan travel specialist. The answer is definitely not.

Sushi and Sashimi and Tepenyaki, as well as other fish dishes are delicious, but not everyone likes fish. However, there are many excellent pork, chicken and other meat dishes in Japan and of course we have all heard of Kobe beef.

Japan has some of the best cuisine anywhere in the world, from Ramin and Udon noodles to gourmet cuisine. One of my favourite quick meals is Pork Katsu Kare, deep fried pork cutlet rolled in breadcrumbs with delicious Japanese style curry sauce.  It’s not surprise that Japanese food, called “washoku” in Japan, has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Eating out in Japan is also very reasonable and suitable for any budget. Particularly around the larger train station areas, there are an abundance of places to get tasty food and great restaurants offering meal prices less than in the UK.

Many restaurants now have English menus, however most will also have replica meals in the window including prices. Therefore, if all else fails you can always point to what you like.

The International cuisine found its way into the big Japanese cities like Tokyo, transferred and adapted itself to suite the Japanese taste making the best from the local ingredients.

You can found out more about Kare-pan or An-pan, Teriyaki or Rice burger, Tarako or Natto spaghetti by reading our post  The International Cuisine in Tokyo. 

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