‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ – Visit Onsen


Onsens with Magical Japan

Onsens specialise in providing a relaxing environment centred around a indoor and sometimes outdoor hot spring. Onsens in Ryokans usually are set around a beautiful garden for their residents enjoyment and relaxation. A traditional style Ryokan or Hotel which offers Onsen (spa bathing) facilities are generally built on the site of a natural volcanic hot spring. Many different styles of Onsen exist and some claim unique therapeutic qualities.

www.magicaljapan.co.uk selection of Onsens offer separate communal bathing for men and women. Bathing in an Onsen differs from western style bathing, as you first must wash yourself with soap and rinse thoroughly in the individual washing cubicles prior to entering the bath water. Small towels are provide for your modesty, as you will be nude in the hot steam baths where you can relax, soak and chat to fellow bathers.

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