The New Jersey atheist billboard

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canada goose clearance Now that it’s the holiday season (ewww, I just blasphemed!) it’s time for Bill O’Reilly, the commander in chief of the war on those who engage canada goose outlet parka in the “war on Christmas, to launch his annual figgy puddings against those evil secularist Grinch’s who are trying to steal this beloved time of stress and commercial excess. The New Jersey atheist billboard, which says that Christmas is a “myth,” has already been covered on both “Fox Friends and “America Live.” Thus, it wasn’t a surprise that it was a topic for Bill O’Reilly’s conservative, blonde “culture warriors” as it was an opportunity for good, persecuted Christian Gretchen Carlson to do her patented outrage about those who, according to Gretch, canada goose outlet new york shouldn’t canada goose outlet michigan be allowed First Amendment rights on Christmas. When Gretch said that it’s getting attention, Bill said that it’s making people angrier against atheists. canada goose clearance

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