Intel says that decision comes down to these drives’ focus on

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canada goose Facebook canada goose outlet real Twitter canada goose outlet authentic Pinterest InstagramWhen the school year comes to a close and summer starts, parents everywhere wonder, “How do I get my kids to go outside and play more?” Whether your child has a Minecraft obsession or is a teen texter extraordinaire, getting our offspring to put down the iPads, cell phones, and other gadgets to engage with nature and the other humans in their families can be a frustrating experience, to say the least.”It’s so important for parents to get that quality time with canada goose outlet parka their children and each other,” says Jennifer Ludovice, spokesperson for Thousand Trails and Encore properties’ campgrounds and RV parks with resort style amenities. “We see the benefits of families unplugging together at our campgrounds and resorts every day. Putting away the cell phone gives families a chance to re engage.”There may be some initial whining and complaining about “roughing it” without screens, but children can be convinced to unplug when presented with the right alternate activities.”The key is choosing the right destination,” Ludovice says canada goose.

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