“”In London, it’s very difficult to find anything else,” Dr Di

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canadian goose jacket She added: “The results show that psychosis risk in cannabis users depends on both the frequency of use and cannabis potency.”Dr Di Forti told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the availability of skunk like cannabis was becoming more widespread.’I was a wreck’Cath from Berkshire, who asked to remain anonymous, believes smoking skunk caused canada goose outlet uk sale her to experience mental health problems.”I dabbled with a friends’ group in my early 20s, and went from someone who had never experienced any mental health issues whatsoever, to an absolute wreck.”I was terrified of leaving the house, and I became canada goose outlet reviews petrified of death, of the mysteries of the universe, and canada goose outlet store of being alone. You name it, I was terrified of it.”It took about six years to feel normal again and now, almost 20 years later, canada goose outlet I have absolutely no doubt that my issues were triggered by casually and naively smoking this so called ‘soft’ drug.”For years I have shuddered as canada goose outlet black friday campaigners have sought to declassify or promote the product as I understand first hand the hidden canada goose outlet yet, until now, unspoken dangers of this awful drug.””In London, it’s very difficult to find anything else,” Dr Di Forti said.”There were lots of reports from police across the UK saying we have become a great producer of skunk. And not only do we use it locally but we export, so this is a Made in England product.”Someone suffering from psychosis would often be “extremely paranoid and become very suspicious” about the people around them, she added.She has called for “a clear public message” to cannabis users, comparable to medical advice on alcohol and tobacco.GPs should be encouraged to ask how often and what type of cannabis patients use, she added,A Home Office spokesman said the findings backed up the government’s approach: “Drugs such as cannabis are illegal because scientific and medical evidence demonstrates they are harmful.”This report serves to emphasise how they can destroy lives and communities.”‘Without risk’Skunk contains more THC the main psychoactive ingredient than other types of cannabis.Unlike skunk, canada goose outlet in usa hashish cannabis resin contains substantial quantities of another chemical called cannabidiol or CBD and research suggests this can act as an antidote to the THC, counteracting psychotic side effects.Sir Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research at King’s, commented: “This paper suggests that we could prevent almost one quarter of cases of psychosis if no one smoked high potency cannabis.”This could save young patients a lot of suffering and the NHS a lot of money.”The research was carried out over several years, comparing 410 patients aged 18 65 who reported a first episode of psychosis at a south London psychiatric hospital with 370 healthy participants within the same age range from the same area of London canadian goose jacket.

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